The ultimate guide for Maximalist Decor

Maximalism is a term used in the arts, including literature, visual art, music, and multimedia. It is used to explain a movement or trend by encompassing all factors under a multi-purpose umbrella term like expressionism.

What is the opposite of minimalist? At the opposite end of the scale to minimalism is maximalism. The philosophy behind maximalism is a move away from pure utility and wide-open spaces to lavish and more opulent styles.

1. Don’t be afraid of colors and patterns

The foundation for maximalism design is color — lots of it. You can start with a basic color palette and build from there. When you’re looking for maximalist inspiration, you’ll notice right away that dark colors like black and navy blue are popular wall colors. The secret to dark wall color is to fill the room with bold or bright accents and patterns to balance things out.

2. Time for your Wall Galery

We love the gallery walls which are the most prominent design feature of maximalism. You can fill every inch of an accent wall with artwork and still be on-trend. The secret to making a maximalist gallery wall work is to forget what you know about coordinating the frames, color, and subjects of your art. Your decorating goal is to simply fill a wall with art that you love. Your maximalist gallery wall can hold artwork in a variety of sizes, but the spacing should be uniform.

5. Keep comfy

Minimalism and downsizing brought a style backlash that left us longing for comfort. The need for comfort propelled extreme nesting styles like Hygge into our homes, but those styles lack the glamor that many of us crave. Maximalism is the best of both worlds, combining our most comfortable decor with our favorite colors and accessories.

6. Create a space that shows pure joy

Maximalism could be the perfect decorating style for you if you love happy colors and patterns. To create a cheerful maximalist room, warm color palettes with flowery patterns are a must-have.  You can incorporate other decorating styles in your maximalist room, as this style fits beautifully with boho, English country, and other happy looks.