Iridescent Furniture: The New Trend in Furniture and Home Decor in 2022

Iridescent furniture is a new trend in home decor that is not going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s becoming even more popular as the years go by. If you are someone who loves to be on the cutting edge of interior design, then you owe it to yourself to check out this article and see what it has to offer. If you’re not familiar with iridescent furniture, let us give you a little background info first. Iridescent furniture is any piece of furniture that has an ethereal and ghostly appearance. The surfaces appear like they have water or another type of liquid film covering them. This may sound strange, but once you see some examples of this trend in action, we think you will be convinced that it’s worth investing in these pieces for your home too! 

Iridescent Furniture: The Basics 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of what iridescent furniture is and how it’s made, let’s first define what exactly we mean by the term “iridescent”. The word “iridescent” comes from the Latin words “iris” and “desco”, which means rainbow. It refers to a surface that has a rainbow-like sheen. Iridescent furniture can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, metal, plastic and even resin. The furniture pieces that are iridescent are typically very shiny and glossy. They usually have a metallic finish that gives off a mirror-like appearance. They can be bold and bright, or they can be subdued and subtle. In some cases, pieces can be a combination of both, with one section of the furniture being iridescent and another being more traditional in appearance. 

How to Achieve the Iridescent Look 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for iridescent furniture pieces is to make sure you choose the right finish. There are many different types of iridescent finishes, and not all of them are suitable for use in the home. Some are too shiny and reflective, while others are much too garish and will completely take away from the decor in your room. The best types of iridescent finishes are those that are not too reflective. You don’t want your furniture pieces to look like they have a mirror-like finish, as this can be very distracting in a room full of furniture. Instead, you want a finish that is subtle and ethereal. One way to tell if a piece of furniture has the right finish is to place a dark piece of fabric on top of the surface. If you can still see the fabric through the finish, then it’s too shiny and you should look for something different. 

The Pros of Iridescent Furniture 

If you are an interior design aficionado, chances are you have heard about the trend of bringing iridescent furniture into the home. While it’s true that this type of design piece is all the rage right now, there are good reasons for it. What’s more, there are many different types of iridescent furniture to choose from so you can find the perfect piece for your home. Here are a few of the top pros to purchasing this type of furniture:

– The first pro to adding iridescent furniture to your home is that it goes with nearly any type of decor. Iridescent furniture is a neutral piece of design. It can blend into nearly any room and any type of décor. While it may not be the focal point of your room, it will certainly complement your existing decor perfectly.

– Another pro to owning furniture that has a shiny and iridescent finish is that it is incredibly durable. If you are purchasing a couch or a chair, you know how important it is to have a piece of furniture that will last for years to come. This is especially true if you have kids and pets in the home who can damage furniture quickly.

– Yet another pro to choosing furniture with a shiny and iridescent finish is that it is easy to clean. In fact, furniture pieces with a mirror-like finish are also known as “low-maintenance” furniture. You don’t have to worry about spills and messes being left behind on the surface of your furniture. 

The Cons of Iridescent Furniture 

No matter how great something is, there are always a few drawbacks to it. When it comes to furniture with a shiny and iridescent finish, these drawbacks don’t outweigh the benefits. But they are important to keep in mind before you decide to buy. Here are a few cons to owning furniture that is iridescent:

– A con to shiny furniture is that it can be a magnet for dust and dirt. Because the surface is so shiny, it’s extremely easy to see the dust on it. If you don’t clean your furniture regularly, the dust and dirt that accumulates on it will show clearly.

– Another con to shiny furniture is that it is difficult to repair if it damages. Since it’s so difficult to paint the scratches, you may be left with a large hole in your furniture that is difficult to fill. 


The trend of bringing iridescent furniture into the home is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for decades. But it’s experiencing a resurgence in popularity lately and for good reason. This type of furniture is a great way to add a bit of ethereal and magical charm to your room. If you are looking for a new way to freshen up your home decor, we highly recommend investing in a few pieces of iridescent furniture and iridescent home decor accessories.

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