What is the Sirt Food Diet? (The Adele Diet)

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Can the food we eat and how eating a certain kind of food result in a seven-pound weight loss over seven days?

Let’s discover.

We’re talking about sirt foods but what are sirtuins?
These are very powerful proteins in the body that we all have and they regulate really critical things like our ability to burn fat, build muscle and stay really healthy and free of diseases and we know that the foods we’re talking about today these sirtuins help to switch on these powerful genes in the body with all the benefits that we can talk about today for fat burning and wellness.

The sirt diet is a diet about eating foods in the right combinations and when you eat them as laid out in the plan combined together to do juices and the meals that’s when we see all the benefits and that’s when we see the participants who fold in lost seven pounds in seven days.

This recycling process tells our body cells to get rid of all the clutter, all the debris – and this is what makes us feel ill, this is what causes fatigue and this is what essentially causes us to age. So when you follow the sirt food diet it brings back this health and also the other bonus of staggering weight loss.

There are two stages. One is that kind of really amazing kind of weight loss stage but this is about health and wellness in the long term as well so the first seven days involves the first three days you have three of these green juices and then a full meal based on all these delicious foods so we’re really packing in very high levels of these plant compounds from day one and then days, four to seven, of that seven-day plan are two of these green juices and two full meals. Again, you know the theme there is packing in the highest level of these nutrients to really switch on the body’s fat-burning.

If you don’t exercise at all and do the certitude diet for seven days you surely can’t build muscle. So, reduce exercise now, keep moderate.

The surface really tagged a weight loss or any abdominal region so those are that central adiposity which we know is linked to diseases that’s where you see the biggest benefits.

This is a form of fasting because you’re reducing your calories so significantly both the SIRT foods that you’re adding into the diet are switching off that idea that your muscles are going to atrophy essentially.

You might think about these foods as having very similar effects to fasting so researchers in this field refer to them as calorie restriction mimetics. They may mimic the effects of calorie restriction. But the thing is: we can do that by including foods in the diet and we’re not sacrificing muscle in that process so what’s our search food.

The beauty is these are everyday food so you know we’re in the book we list the top 20 but that includes things like kale, rocket, walnuts, strawberries, extra virgin olive oil, cocoa or dark chocolate and even coffee, which people think you know is not something –  that’s good for them but we would actually have a very different message about coffee we’ve brought in some food as an example so we’ve got a library’s strawberry, buckwheat, tabbouleh salad.

So it’s not about cutting out whole food groups. This is about you know celebrating food it’s about what you put on your plate not what you taking in that food

This is a diet for life. It’s about long term benefits which go way beyond weight go way beyond body composition this is about keeping people healthy, disease-free and living kind of long healthy full lives. 

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