How to water fast for weight loss

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I am NOT encouraging anyone to water fast to lose weight and I’m not telling you to do that but what I am doing is for those of you who are going to do it anyway, I want to help you do it as safe as possible and get the best results that you can get from doing it.

I’m gonna break it down make it so easy to understand and for those of you who are going to do it anyway not only will you see incredible results from doing it you’ll still be a lot of chances when you’re done and yeah you’ll be able to keep the weight off and continue to take the weight off.

Make sure you consult your doctor before trying absolutely anything but without further ado let’s go. The key with fasting safely is what I like to call all about takeoff flight and landing.

The takeoff is before you fast everything that you do before you fast as far as what you’re eating as far as what you’re drinking etc, then the actual fast that’s what I consider to be the flight, that’s in the middle of fasting. Things that you’re doing things that you’re drinking, things that you’re eating et cetera and finally the landing that’s coming off of your fast and making it so that you not only are able to maintain the results that you got but able to continue to take the weight off.

The takeoff is before you’re fast and it should be at least for six days depending on how long you fast is gonna be.

On the sixth day – we’re counting down – I want you to go to your favorite restaurant. I want you to have your favorite meals on that one day. The fifth day should be the last day that you have any sort of meat or sweets. On the fourth day you should eliminate all drinks besides water, you can also have coconut water about a glass a day if you want to and begin incorporating soft watery vegetables into your diet. Your third day, this is the day that you should eliminate all rice couscous, noodles, quinoa whatever it is that you’re having like that and especially nuts. This should be the first day that you have a soup. Get you a vegetable cloth watery vegetables and enjoy. Day two you should have a fruit smoothie, some homemade juicer like you know the juices that you could buy that the all-natural. Have you one of those veggies broth and you could also have your fresh juice. Day one all you can have on this day is broth. No vegetables, nothing in. It is okay at this point if you must water end or coconut water, maybe a glass or two but throughout the day you should just be drinking water. The purpose of the coconut water, so you could get any electrolytes and really feed your body with vitamins so that when you’re about to go into this you’re still able to you know, have certain vitamins and nutrients in your body so you just don’t completely shut down.

Now let’s get into the flight or the actual fast. First, let me explain what type of fast I’m talking about. The actual word fast means to go without food or like nutrients or nourishment. Technically so pretty much a real fast. I know a lot of people try to tell you how to fast saying you could drink juice, so you could drink shakes… no, no, no, no. A real fast is when you drink nothing but water and you eat absolutely nothing for a period of however long it is you want to fast.

My first suggestion is do not go into a fast with a set amount of days. Don’t do that, because you don’t know how long you’re gonna last. You can have like a goal but don’t make that goal or you may feel a certain way, your body may tell you to stop on day one hour five okay but if you are stuck on 14 days you might push it three days and you’re like me and I need you to listen to me do not sad day you can say it’s like a goal but don’t be so strict on it that you’re willing to not listen to your body in order to hit that day.

So now this is the landing, this is coming off of your fast smoothly so that not only did you take off a lot of weight but you can continue to take off a massive amount of weight and keep it off. You should have unsweetened juice, on day two you can start having watery vegetables, on day three you want to have your first small portion of well-cooked rice, quinoa or something of that nature. For now, you can start introducing nuts and beans back into your meals and finally on day five this is the time you can start to add back meats, lightly, very little. another thing to take the weight off stupid wild um crazy fast and keep it off is day one you should walk, jog, on day two, whatever you did on day one, take it up another notch so, for example, if you ran around the track or walked around the track at one time you want to do it one and a half or two times a day too.

Doing this way, you will be able to fast for weight loss successfully!

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