Build a big CHEST using only 3 equipment | Full Workout explained & Top tips

Using only a Barbell, Dumbbell and bodyweight.

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50 push ups

4 sets Incline bench press  superset Incline db flys – 12reps – 3 sec tempo

(1set -bench 15 reps (2 sec tempo)

2nd and 3set bench x 12 (3 tempo)

4th set bench x 10 (5 tempo)

Pyramid presses (DB) superset DB FLYS TWIST

1st and 2nd set – 12 reps ( 2 sec eccentric with 1-2 sec hold)

3rd set x 12 reps (3 sec eccentric w 1-2sec hold)

Ring Press ups x 3sets x 12 reps (2sec tempo)

Close Grip DB press x 3sets x 12reps (2 sec tempo, 12 sec hold at the top)

Finish… decline floor push-ups

1st set ( 2sectempo), 2nd set (3 sec tempo) , 3rd set (4sec tempo) 4th set( 5sec tempo) 5th set – quick as you can till failure

Check out now, the video for this exercise:

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