3 ways to fight Hunger while dieting and fasting

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I understand you. Chewing and eating it’s very comforting. People do it spontaneously for different reasons. Some do it for depression and some do it for agitation and anxiety, stress. Some people do it just to feel better, just it’s good and feels good. it’s past time for them – you know what I’m saying.

So but what you can do is: you can build up to water fast. 

What you do is: the first day, see how long you can go just drinking water. You wake up you know six seven eight o’clock from there on just drink water until it’s killing you so much that you have to eat.

Okay. Log that time if you could. If you couldn’t get past lunch okay you got the twelve o’clock and you just had to fuckin eat, okay that’s fine. Eat. The next day trying to make it to 12:30 or make it 2-1. Next thing after that try to make it to 1:30 or one o’clock. You got what I’m saying.

You keep going, you keep going and keep going and so you can get through the whole day just won’t walk with water fasting. That way you can go through the next day, until the next day, into the next day that’s kind of what I did because we’re fast is so hard.

Another thing you can do is EFT. It is a way of touching, a form of acupressure that works on a certain point into them. Pressure points and meridians that work with certain cravings it will get rid of certain ailments diseases. It really helps to build good habits, fight bad habits and thoughts, it really works.

 More info, watch the video below:




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